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Nicaraguan Days
Opting for a photo recap instead! ... After thinking on how wonderful my trip was to Nicaragua, I could not see you all wanting to dive into the day-to-day activities, if you would like more information, I would be glad to share.

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If you missed the first two posts, you can see them here and here.

 I thank God for the priceless opportunity to be a part of this trip.  

These beautiful people are amazing, giving, full of hope, I will fondly remember them forever!  
Good Bye Nicaragua, Until next year!

 Have you taken an unforgettable trip? Tell me about it? 

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MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012

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Get Your Chef On

New Project: Get Your Chef On

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Wish Me Luck! (i need it)

Nicaragua- Day 1 Homes of the Children

  {f5 journal} 

My cell phones are not working, yes I took both on hopes that I would be able to communicate with the states. Maybe that is God guiding me without the distractions of work and home? Joann's phone works, therefore I am confident that Mr. F5 knows we landed and arrived safely.

What is God trying to open my eyes to?

Heavenly Father, Teach me, guide me, open my heart, eyes and ears to Your will for me. Amen

dining area

The cooks on staff and great. The meals are fantastic. Lunch was rice, chicken breast, cucumber salad, watermelon and white pineapple. After lunch we had one hour before going out to deliver prayers, gifts and food packages to 3 of the families from the special needs school.

family food bags

The first home (God is Great) we arrived at was the sweet little girl I spoke of in the first post. I assumed she was 4 or 5 years old. With our translator's assistance, we learned that she is 5-years-old and loves school. Her living conditions were among the more clean and tidy in the town. We prayed, gave the gifts to the her mother and said adiós to this blessed family of two. 

We had some difficulty driving to the next home. Without street names and house numbers, we relied on the neighbors to guide us to the children's homes we were looking for.  

The next little girl was not at school this morning, as the rain prohibited her from getting to the bus. She lives behind a small store with family friends. There are 25 people living in this one tiny area. Her bed was on the dirt, with no overhead covering, raw meat hanging from sticks to dry. The walls separating her living area from the over 7 families was made of scrap cardboard and the size of a small hall bathroom. The flies were everywhere, on the meat, cooking utensils, everything. Our team was so shocked and hurt by her living conditions, pictures were taken to take back to El Ayudante's director for possible assistance. Material for a roof at the very least. Our translator (Joe) thinks $2000 would be enough to build her and her mother a home, if she has land to build on. 

How can I complain? I have a roof over my head, a home which in these conditions would house at least 100 Nicaraguan people. Air Conditioning, running water, electricity, all must-haves in the states, that most of us taken for granted. Pam was pretty shook up after this home. We pray for healing.

The third little girl is a twin and staying with her grandmother everyday so her mother can work. She is unlike her twin as she is paralyzed from the waist down. There is no father and she is one of four children. She lay peacefully asleep in a pieced-together bed with rails made of scrap lumber. A crib made for a 7-year-old. We delivered the food and gifts to the grandmother and prayed for peace, joy and many blessings for the family. Joann grabbed an additional hand-made welded wire cross to give the grandmother one as well as the first one in the mother's care package. She was very gracious for the food, gifts and visit.

It is 3:30, back at El Ayudante. Dinner is at 5, and I am positively certain it will be delish!

Dinner: Spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic toast, watermelon and white pineapple.

Joann received a text from Mr. F5 tonight. It was like Christmas, I was thrilled to hear that everyone was doing well back home. The rates for sending a text are approx .50ea- so I used all the characters possible to send him a reply, "all is well, and I miss you and the kids so much". Cold shower, brrrr!

After we were dressed for bed, the three of us gathered on the front porch to recap the day. The large porch has 20 wooden rockers on the beautiful tiled floor. We talked for 2 hours, laughed and teared up, ended with Holy Communion and prayer.

I thank God for such an awesome first day!

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FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

Nicaragua- Day 1 Special Needs School
  {f5 journal}

Three women left from church on Sunday, not knowing what we were getting yourselves into. 

Joann, Pam and myself arrived late last night, around 10:30pm. So midnight-thirty Atlanta time. I was spent and slept on the hour plus ride to the campus.  

Glad to finally be here, no luggage lost, all in good spirits. I did not sleep entirely well but the impressive size of the bunk room made up for that. The room can house 16 comfortably, without air conditioning, the fans for each bunk were priceless.  

Joann had the middle bunk.

The three of us got up before 6, excitedly gathering all our materials and gifts we would need for the first of five schools we were visiting this week.

7am Breakfast: Gallo Pinto (Beans & Rice), Scrambled Eggs, Watermelon and White Pineapple
  My new favorite breakfast- gallo pinto!

After we ate and cleared our dishes, we gathered all the bags and jumped in the truck. A 4-door pickup for us three, our driver and translator made for an amazing and intimate trip.

We learned once at the school, that the rain had prevented over 85% of the children to attend. The ground is so dry that any amount of rain causes flooding. Since the school is for special needs children, many parents could not get the wheel chairs and walkers to the bus stop in muddy conditions.

Our translator, Joe was a hit! Not only did he sing songs about Jesus with the children, he told the story of David and Goliath. Pam got to be Goliath, while the young David 'cut' her head off with a broom stick! HAHA!  

After the story, we distributed juice and cookies to all in attendance. Gave out stickers to the children and presented the teachers with a small gift. Each teacher received a reusable tote bag, handmade beaded bracelet with a cross charm, an umbrella and bookmarks in Spanish. 

I did not know how to present a sticker to a blind child, nor did I know the word for 'sticker' in Spanish. So with God's help, I knelt down in front of the most precious little girl whose eyes were fused shut and gently took her small hand in mine. Slowly placing the sticker on her index finger, then removing it again and again so she would hopefully understand that it was sticky. She smiled and then it was placed on top of her tiny hand. She will never know how much hope she sent me today. I wish her all the happiness in the world.  

As we left the school, I hugged the principal. She is so strong and giving hope, laughter and joy to these children daily. 

Across the street, stood the oldest church in Nicaragua. Crafted in the 1600's, this beautiful building was magnificent.

 We continued to make our way back to the main campus, driving on paved roads, many made of stone hundreds of years old. As we spotted another large church, Joe advised that this was open and we could walk inside. San Francisco church was breathtaking. Long red & white curtains hung draped from the ceiling to the floor.

 Before lunch, the gentlemen allowed for time for us to run through the La Union, (Walmart). We purchased a few snacks and I grabbed Jalapeno Pringles for Collin. I do not know any other 6-year-old who loves spicy food as much as he does. 


The currency is the córdoba, rate: 23 per $1usd.

Until Next Time (after lunch...)