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About Me
I am working mother, wife and student trying to be a committed Jesus Girl. I love to craft and learn new things (blame that on being an Aquarius), and goals- I am all about goals, see the bucket list. I have 5 amazing children and a handy-handsome hubby:)  

We have recently adopt a teacup pig named Cherry. She is sweet and stubborn and loves to cuddle. 

My hobbies are… well I don’t know you would call them hobbies (the thing I love).
I love love my silhouette machine, a lil earring crazy, like to ride horses, swim, go to kids soccer games, dates with my husband, go to breakfast with girlfriends, read before bed, shop on lunch breaks, spend all day in a craft store like Joann’s, Michaels or Hobby Lobby, cruise through the good will or a used book store for hours on end, practice wood working (just made floating shelves), memorize anatomy of a certain area (like the hand), and dream of being an Orthopedic Surgeon who doubles as a licensed contractor so I can travel the world providing those two services to third world villages, and finding twin girls in China to adopt.

I have decided that I would blog about my family so that my family in California could keep up with us from Atlanta. 

2011 Bucket List

Looking forward to meeting crafty women like me, just trying to squeeze in some ME time for glue guns & best sellers!